So about Mirai…

Did you know that ‘Mirai’ 未来 is a Japanese word that means ‘Future’..?

Let us explain…

One of our directors lived in Tokyo, Japan for a while (6 years to be exact). So this inspired our purpose; that our recruitment will give you a better future.

This leads onto our vision… we want to make the futures of each and every person that deals with Mirai Tech, better.

Our vision is to be the best recruitment company to work for in the UK.

As Simon Sinek says; ‘Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

We just know that if we can create an award- winning company that our employees love, they will give our customers a world class service.

To be really honest, this is a dream right now.  We are starting our business in the middle of a global pandemic (who knew?..) and so our focus is going to be on our customers, not hiring.  But we will.

And the thought of building a business everyone loves is going to inspire us to get through this.

Our values – How we make things happen

Be Brave

Show Integrity

Dream Big

Have Fun

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