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We’re fuelling the growth of tech startups, through all stages of business across the country. Working with game-changing founders, leaders and scaling companies so they can disrupt the tech space.

Our ambitions are as big as those of the entrepreneurs we support.


5 reasons why tech startups should use Mirai


Better-quality candidates

Recruiters like Mirai Tech have a network of specialist talent. This is the talent that your startup needs.

You’ll get access to a large network of people, which means you’ll also be able to hire the right person…. not just anyone from a job ad.

Potential candidates are sourced, qualified and referenced. You’ll only interview candidates that have been assessed specifically for your important vacancy.

Faster hiring

Because you’re tapping into an existing network, you’re able to get access to the most relevant applications quicker.

A recruiter’s systems and processes can be complex and tough to navigate. As you know, hiring talent can be an emotional journey for all parties. If you’re learning how to use specific recruitment tools while also focusing on the business – it’s a tough ask.

Tech startup hiring expertise

It’s not easy to convince someone to work for a tech startup when they’re in a large company.

The fast-paced and energetic life at a startup is unbelievably different to other companies. Using a tech startup recruiter can help secure the services of the best talent available for you.

Specialist recruitment knowledge

  • How do you find all the potential candidates?
  • How do you introduce yourself to them?
  • What should your adverts say?
  • What should your interview process look like?
  • How do you let down the unsuccessful applicants?

There are so many questions that go into hiring someone. From your EVP, to the job details, to onboarding and beyond. Recruiting and retaining your employees is very tough and by having guidance, you’ll increase your chances of success.

Extension of your brand

One bad interview or no feedback given could damage your hiring reputation. There are many review sites now that could stop someone from joining your company.

By partnering with a recruiter like Mirai Tech, you’ll have a company who you can partner with. We’ll save your time, handle your applications and give all the feedback.



We love recruiting for tech startups and know what it’s like to make vital hires. If you’re looking to recruit, get in touch with the team at Mirai today.


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Emma Crabtree

Providing our clients with first class service and helping our candidates take the next step in their career is what gets us out of bed every morning.